Visual Arts

“The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.”  - Neil Gaiman

Our Visual Art Programmes at all levels aspire to develop students confidence with visual understanding and skills as they manipulate and transform visual, tactile, and spatial ideas to solve problems.

A Cambridge High School Visual Arts student is:

* Punctual

* Open to challenges and willing to take risks

* Can manage self – commits to learning and completes tasks.

* Is supportive of others – treats people like family.

* Always willing to participate and contribute – celebrates their own and others’ visual worlds

* Comes to class with the gear required

* Respects others, teachers, property and the learning environment

Key Features of Learning in the Visual Arts

In Visual Arts students will:

* Develop consistent and systematic working methods; to value drawing as a thinking and working creative process which develops a body of work and leads on to finished works.

* Develop an understanding of methods and ideas in Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Design and Sculpture.

* Gain an improved and broader skill base; using observation and recording skills as a foundation and exploring a wider range of media for an intended purpose.

* Develop confidence in their own personal expression, critical faculties and understanding of the art making process through familiarity with established practice.

* View art works, bringing their own experiences, and becoming informed by investigation of the contexts in which art works are created, used, and valued.