Cambridge High School students are required to wear their uniform neatly and completely.

The school aims to develop student self-responsibility for wearing the uniform correctly. When the uniform is incorrect, the student will have a uniform pass to excuse the item(s). Please contact your form teacher or House Dean to arrange a uniform pass. Repeated instances of wearing school uniform incorrectly and without a uniform pass, will be treated as defiant behaviour and the family will be involved in resolving the concern.

Argyle are our official uniform suppliers and supply all CHS specific items.
For all orders and inquiries, visit www.argyleonline.co.nz

Please note: Cambridge High School supports our students choosing either uniform style, so long as they wear all of that uniform correctly and do not mix and match items from different styles. As an example, this means a student could wear a polo shirt and female cut shorts as a part of the same style. CHS shorts and trousers are both available in a female fit.