The English Faculty encompasses two strands of study – English and Media Studies.  Both fall under the Humanities umbrella and expose the students to different ways to see our world. 

English is the study of literature from all around the world and different time periods.  The stories and the way of writing are analysed and students are encouraged to be critical of these and the lessons they teach us.  Students are also encouraged to create their own writing, speeches, and visual presentations to express themselves and their own personal experiences of the world.

Media Studies is the practical application of communication and knowledge. This allows students to take their skills further in this digital landscape to become global citizens.

Our staff are student-centred in their approach to teaching, aiming to always have highly engaging lessons with enriched discussions and learning.  We aim to culturally connect the students and to expand their thinking beyond their daily norm to make these subjects relevant to the real world, both historical and present.