Junior English

Year 9 English

The Year 9 English course is designed to be a fun and engaging stepping-stone to future English courses. Year 9 is focused on the key skills of ‘find and describe.’ Students will learn these skills through analysing written and visual texts and display the depth of their skills through various assessments. There is a reading and writing programme which runs each fortnight, to help students build fundamental reading and writing skills. Alongside this, students will develop their thinking, problem solving, and oral language skills and make themselves a better English learner.

Our teachers are dedicated to exposing our Year 9s to an exciting taster of the English subject and the valuable opportunities in can bring.     

Year 10 English

The Year 10 course is designed to be a stepping stone towards NCEA level English. It will help students develop skills such as ‘describing’ and ‘explaining’ through many different forms and text types. Students will strengthen their analytical skills, as well as reading, writing, and oral literacy skills. Year 10 students study a written and visual text over the year and produce a piece of formal writing and an oral presentation. The meaning students make and ideas they explore during the year will make them better thinkers, readers, writers, and learners. As students begin to connect aspects of studied texts to themselves, our society and the wider world, they set themselves up for success in future English courses.