Media Studies

Media Studies explores mass media and its impact on society as an academic subject. At Cambridge High School, students who take Media Studies actively explore, analyse, design, create, evaluate, and enjoy the media and its products.

The different year level courses create a combination of academic and practical skills to challenge and engage students.

Academically, Media Studies affords students opportunities to examine the ever changing and ubiquitous role of the media in society, how the media constructs messages about communities, culture, and the representation of the individuals that create society. Media Studies also investigates how media products are produced, controlled, and distributed. Practical units give students space to explore and extend their skills while designing and creating media products.

Media Studies can lead to a career in a variety of professions including the creative industries in the areas of, design, marketing, advertising, journalism, public relations, television, film, radio, publishing, fashion, media production and analysis, public service and non-governmental organisations, teaching and research. 

Student Work