About CHS

Our 8.5 hectares of grounds are attractively planted with shrubs and trees, and we have extensive playing fields, a swimming pool, gymnasium, and canteen. A building programme is in place with the re-development of our Art and Pathways block and extra construction to accommodate school roll growth.

This page contains information on the following:

  • behaviour management policy
  • absences expectations
  • facilities.
  • bell times
  • school map.

Behaviour Management Policy

The expectations for student behaviour are based on our school values of Respect, Responsibility and Achievement.
All members of CHS will contribute to a school culture where it is obvious that:

  • all members are treated with respect,
  • we take responsibility for our own actions and ongoing development,
  • we aim for personalised excellence and encourage others to continually achieve to their best.

Respect for our rules will ensure that all students will make the most of the outstanding learning opportunities we provide. In speech, language, uniform and behaviour, all members of Cambridge High School are expected to act, at all times, in a way that respects our values and enhances the reputation of CHS in the community.

The following link will take you to the full behaviour management policy.


To report and absence click here.

Attendance is compulsory. Cambridge High School has developed an effective absence-checking system which gives computer printouts of absences for form teachers.

Students must bring an absence note to their Form Teacher on the day of return. We expect students to attend all classes and study punctually, as part of meeting satisfactory course requirements.

Students are not allowed to leave school during the day without permission, except to go home for approved lunch or for an appointment. Students who leave school (or arrive late) must sign the book in the office.

Applications for leave must be forwarded to the Principal in writing giving the reason for the request. This should be well in advance and approval is subject to meeting the requirements of the Education Act, 1989.


CHS is fully accessible to staff, students and visitors. Where access to the upper levels of buildings is problematic we can arrange for the use of alternative rooms. 

Toilet facilities are conveniently located in our 'superloo' building adjacent to the school gymnasium.

The following links will take you to other school facilities: