School Donation

Our School Donation is optional and is currently set at: 1st student $165.00, 2nd student $115.00, 3rd student $60.00.  Family maximum $340.00 (3 or more children). The School Donation is not compulsory and may qualify for an IRD donation rebate.

Although donations are optional, they are greatly appreciated. The government does not fund us sufficiently to offer our current learning opportunities, and we rely on other sources of income, such as the school donation, to meet needs.  Please consider paying all donations to enable us to continue to runs a school with so many opportunities for your children.


Payments to the student’s account can be made at our Student Office by cash or card, or by the KAMAR Parent Portal, or online into our school account.
Bank Account N#  03  0303  0132350  00
When making payments, please enter the following reference codes:

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