Homework serves an important role in developing good study and work habits in our high school students. Our knowledge of the “science of learning” shows that repetition, and reinforcement of skills and concepts, are important to mastery. Homework is an opportunity to ensure that learning is consolidated.

In general, students can expect homework from each day’s subjects every night in the region of:

                                Yr 9  -    40-60 minutes

                               Yr 10 -     60 minutes

                Senior School -      1 – 2 hours

Teachers post homework for each class in their Class Teams. This can be accessed by students from any computer with internet connection.  Some subjects have homework books or on-line programmes like Education Perfect.  Students may be given specific pages from these books or Education Perfect tasks to work through for homework.

Senior students may have larger assignments that they work on at home over a period of time. Good time management is crucial for prioritising, chunking down, and pacing progress through these larger tasks.


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