Sport and Arts Office
(Admin block)

We are available to see students during Interval and Lunchtime or you can email us anytime: -

Team Leader - Sport and Arts
Jane Schilov 

Arts Co-ordinator
Hannah Glover
Sports Co-ordinator
Steve Rees-Jones
Sports & Facilities Administrator
Frances Wilde

Sport, Arts and Culture - for student involvement in activities outside of class

Cambridge High School provides many Sporting, Arts and Cultural opportunities for students, staff, and the community to be involved in. All these activities seek to always reflect the school’s values:

Our aim is to develop our community to best prepare students for life beyond school by providing an inspiring, holistic learning experience so that students leave school with choices, confidence and a sense of purpose. To do this in extra-curricular area, we actively support the bonds that can be developed between students, staff and the wider community and we want you all to be involved.

Our sports, arts and cultural students are always amazing us with their talent. If you have something to share please email Jane Schilov with as much detail as you can about your news, including links to any external sources and photos if you have them.