The following are the support services we offer our students at CHS

Whare Tautoko

The majority of our support is coordinated through out Whare Tautoko (support room). 

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Cambridge High School believes in providing a support system which allows students to develop their maximum potential intellectually, socially and emotionally.
The Guidance Faculty aims to:

  • Foster personal, social and intellectual wellbeing.
  • Provide guidance that will strive to make students successful in their lives.
  • Provide a range of opportunities and experiences which will encourage students to make informed choices about their future education, training and employment.

To make an appointment with any of the Guidance Team email

Health Centre

We have a fully resourced first aid clinic which is staffed with a registered nurse during school hours.

The clinic offers a range of medical support, including first aid care and proactive support of individuals. If you require assistance or health support please contact us via phone or email at

Peer Support

The CHS Peer Support Programme is a personal development programme for our Year 9 students, led by our very own senior Students Leaders. The Student Leaders are trained to help our younger students to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to get along with the people around them in their first year at high school. 

How does Peer Support work at CHS?

Year 9 students from two Form Classes meet with their Leaders for one Form Time a week. Each group consists of approximately 12 Year 9 students and four Year 12/13 leaders and all are from the same House.

Throughout the year the Student Leaders support the Year 9s in their group by:

  • Taking them through the Peer Support Programme
  • Talking with, listening to and encouraging them
  • Telling them where they can go for help with any issues
  • Supporting them in achieving their goals for the year

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is when an able, generally older student tutors another student in any subject that they need assistance with. It is not only those struggling with new or challenging concepts that seek tutoring, those aiming at achieving at the highest level may excel with extra assistance. 

Tutoring is a one on one system in which misunderstandings are quickly ironed out with immediate feedback, resulting in increased understanding leading to greater confidence. 

This is a user pays service with sessions immediately after school or during lunch time, as negotiated between the students, and a classroom venue is provided on the campus.

For peer tutoring requests, and confirmation of current rates, please contact Mr Deo Lal on