At the heart of all drama and theatre is the opportunity for role-taking – to imagine oneself as the other.  To try and find oneself in the other and in so doing recognise the other in oneself...they may also discover as a result of their role-taking, a confident self, a powerful self, a risk taking self, a compassionate self.”   Jonothan Neelands “The Space in our Hearts” 2001

Our Drama programmes are practical focused courses at all levels that aspire to increase students’ confidence and further develop performance skills and a passion for the arts– one that they can foster throughout their lifetime.

A Cambridge High Drama Student Is:

* Punctual.

* Involving of others – willing to work with a range of people.

* Open to challenges and willing to take risks.

* Can manage self – learn lines on time, stay focused in rehearsals, committed.

* Is supportive of others – treats people like family.

* Always willing to participate and contribute – has an AWESOME attitude.

* Comes to class with the gear required.

* Respects others, teachers, property and the learning environment.

Key Features of learning in Drama:

In Drama students will:

* Work collaboratively to experiment with, explore and develop performance skills and understanding to create effective Drama.

* Investigate, devise, perform and reflect upon Dramatic Forms and Conventions.

* Investigate ways in which Drama has been used in the past and is used now to reflect and comment upon society.

* Reflect and enrich the cultural life of their schools, whaanau, and communities by means of the drama that they create and perform.