“Dancing is more than just moving your body parts; it is a pathway of expressing your inner thoughts” – Normani Kordei

Dance at Cambridge High School is about developing creativity and challenging the way we use our bodies to communicate a story, message or idea. It is about creating a supportive, inclusive environment to challenge the norm, try new things and build confidence in oneself.

A Cambridge High School Dance student :

* Is always willing to participate and contribute – celebrates their own and others’ worlds.

* Is prepared to challenge themselves and willing to take risks.

* Can manage self – commits to learning and completes tasks.

* Is supportive of others – treats people like family.

* Is punctual and comes to class with the gear required.

* Respects both themselves, others and the learning environment.

Key Features of Learning in Dance.

In Dance students will:

* Work collaboratively to explore, create and develop choreographic skills and devices to create effective dances.

* Develop performance skills and techniques, as well as confidence and self-belief, to enhance their performance in a range of different settings.

* Increase their understanding of the elements of dance and the ways they are used to analyse, review and manipulate movement.

* Develop an understanding of dance in the world around us by exploring dance in different cultures, genres and historical developments of dance through time.

* Reflect and enrich the cultural life of their school, whaanau, and communities by means of the dance that they create and perform.