To Koopu Maania House Leaders

Paige Connon - House Prefect

Teenaa Koe, My name is Paige Connon, and I am a house prefect for Te Koopu Maania for 2021. Being a small part of the leadership team and our house's success, comes with great privilege. It means using every opportunity to encourage students within Te Koopu Maania to make the most of their time at CHS. It means being proud of who you are and using that to stay grounded to your roots. The culture that has been established and we continue to create in Te Koopu Maania,  is a place where people feel connected to Cambridge and each other.

Fraser Duncan - House Prefect

Hi! My name is Fraser Duncan, and I am the 2021 House Prefect for Te Koopu Maania.  I take Music, English, Statistics, Psychology, and EXT4.  As a house prefect I am looking forward to connecting with every year level in my house and creating an environment/culture that is an awesome group to be a part of.  My fundamental goal in life is to be able to help people and give back to the community and as it is I am hugely grateful to be given the house prefect role and want to do everything I can to make this school a better place. 

Leon Mackey - House Captain

My name is Leon, I am a house captain for Te Koopu Maania and I enjoy playing rugby. I am committed to getting all of the members of our house involved in sports and cultural events. I enjoy organising and running house events and I hope that by getting the junior students involved early it will help develop future leaders for our house in the years to come.

Shonni Proebstel - House Captain

Hi, my name is Shonni, and I am one of the house captains for Te Koopu Maania this year. I am so grateful to have got this role as it has given me so many great opportunities and roles. I have enjoyed every day of it so far and I am sure I will enjoy the rest of the year. I have played basketball since I was eight which has helped me with being a leader. It is so cool to see people get involved and I want to help the participation continue to grow. I plan to help grow the participation and enthusiasm.

Rylee Britton - House Captain

Hi everyone, my name is Rylee, and I am one of the house captains for Te Koopu Maania. I am a competitive swimmer and also do rock climbing with the school and outside with a club. I am looking to do multiple things with the house this year as it is a great house to really get involved with. As being a leader within the house I have goals for around the house. My main goals for this year are just to get everyone involved while having fun and of course wearing our house colour GREEN! I hope everyone does try and get involved as I guarantee they will have a spectacular time.

Nerissa Edwards-Hunter

Hey everyone, my name is Nerissa Edwards-Hunter and I am one of the captains of Te Koopu Maania. Next year I plan to study Agricultural Science at Massey University in Palmerston North while this year I take Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Sport Science and Statistics. 
One of the reasons I applied to be a house leader is to give back to the school while I also continue to grow in my leadership so that I can help others within the community. This year I am looking forward to seeing all of Te Koopu Maania participating and continuing the house spirit and culture which we began to form last year.