Science Faculty

At Cambridge High School we encourage all students to explore, engage in and enjoy Science. Through the overarching “Nature of Science” strand students will learn what Science is and how scientists work. Students will develop the skills, attitudes and values to build their understanding and appreciation of the world in which they live. They will learn to carry out investigations, develop their analytical skills, effectively communicate their findings and make links between the scientific knowledge and everyday decisions and actions.

In the junior school these outcomes are pursued through the learning contexts of: Living World; Material World; Physical World and Planet earth and Beyond. At senior school students will have the opportunity to study either Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics. 

PLEASE NOTE: In line with the updated (2016) Health & Safety Act, all students are required to wear closed-in shoes when they are in Science Laboratories or in Technology Workshops (including the Food and Fabrics classrooms).  If students do not have closed-in shoes they will only be able to participate as observers during practical activities.  It is recommended that students wear their own school regulation shoes or suitable PE shoes.  This will not apply during Form Times or other timetabled subjects.