Horotiu House Leaders

Rachel Waterton - House Prefect

Liam Wells - House Prefect

Hi all, my name is Liam, and I am proud to be one of Horotiu’s House Prefects for 2024. Additionally, I am the co-chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee. I remember looking up to our house leaders when I was in Year 9, and I hope that I can serve and inspire others as they did. Horotiu house spirit has always been strong, and our participation has always been our strength. This year, I hope that we can continue to work to our strengths and put ourselves out there, to reclaim Horotiu’s rightful place as champions. Go Hawks!

Georgie Brown - House Captain

Hey everyone, I'm Georgie and I am so happy to have been selected to be one of your house captains for 2024. I am grateful for this role, and can't wait to create awesome opportunities for the whole house to get stuck in. I'm passionate about sports and love anything in the outdoors, so I will be trying to incorporate this into house events. Over the years at Cambridge High School, I've found an amazing whaanau within Horotiu and I'm excited to be able to extend this even further. I've also found that getting involved in house activities is absolutely worth it. Horotiu is a strong, close-knit, competitive house and I am honoured to be allowed to lead and be a part of it.

Malakai Eade - House Captain

Kia Ora, Ko Malakai tooku ignoa. I am super excited to be one of the mighty Horotiu’s House Captains for 2024. Horotiu is an amazing completive whaanau that I would love to see come out on top this year. I love Kapa Haka and getting into the outdoors especially mountain biking and the ocean. A goal that I have as a House Captain this year is to encourage our house to be super involved and completive so we can make it to the number 1 spot! I am super excited to see the mighty hawks getting out there and showing the Horotiu house sprit. Let’s go hawks and bring on 2024!

Molly Harvey - House Captain

Hi there! My name is Molly, and I am one of Horotiu's House Captains for 2024. I’m super happy to have this opportunity and will always get involved in our house activities and show a positive attitude. Showing that I’m willing to get involved no matter what is one of my qualities as a leader and I hope to show this to our house this year. Over the years that I have been at Cambridge High School, I’ve found my love for Water Polo and Volleyball and my academic strengths. Another thing that I’ve learnt at this school is that getting involved in school activities and putting yourself out there is absolutely worth it. Let’s work hard together this year and make the Hawks number one!

Saoirse Herewini - House Captain

Kia Ora koutou, Kō Saoirse Herewini tōku igona. I’m beyond honoured to be one of your 2024 House Captains. My goal for Horotiu is to encourage all students to give everything a go and to create Kotahitanga within our Horotiu Whaanau. I believe that everyone has their own individual strengths that when combined will create an even stronger community within our Horotiu Whaanau. Over the years I have been at Cambridge High School, I have been involved in the girl's 1st XV rugby team, Te Piringa Māori ō Tauiwi (Kapa Haka) and Te Hunga Taikaka. This has taught me to always stay resilient and that it’s worth getting involved in a variety of activities. I can’t wait to see Horotiu climb its way up to the top. Karawhiua Horotiu!!!