Horotiu House Leaders

Danielle Armstrong - House Prefect

Hey! I’m Danielle and I have the great privilege of being one of
the 2022 prefects to lead the Horotiu House. I love organisation - to be able
to put plans into action - and am a co-chair of the Senior Celebrations
Committee. This year, as a house prefect, I am looking forward to making people
feel more connected to, and proud of their house through a participation-based
culture across all year levels. These results will come through effects such as
more competitions within the house to take part in, and a newly introduced
junior leadership team (the Jr. Hawks). Go Horotiu!!!

Emelia Dobson - House Prefect

Angela Anderson - House Captain

Kia Ora, I’m Angela Anderson and I’m honoured to be one of the House Captains for Horotiu this year alongside my fellow peers and having the goal of uplifting house spirit and participation among the house. I enjoy the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Calculus and hope to further my journey with these subjects by studying engineering in the near future. One part I love about being a captain is being able to build relationships and bonds with the different people in our house

Catriona Lamb - House Captain

This year I have the privilege of working alongside the other
leadership of Horotiu house for 2022 after being selected as a house captain.
I’m excited to be working with those that help make this school special and to
give back to the school that has given us so much in the four years we have
been here already. Despite the ups and downs of the last few years, here in
Horotiu, we are determined to make this year a good one for everyone and I
can’t wait to see where it takes us. My hope for our house this year is for it
to be a place where everyone can be involved and have a great time doing it!!

Mya Tohia - House Captain

Having the opportunity to be a house captain in Horotiu house is a huge privilege. My goal for this year is to encourage more students to contribute to the many activities that the house leaders and I bring to the Horotiu whanau. I feel so lucky to have been given the chance to represent this house in year 13 and hope to contribute back to the school positively.  This is my last year at Cambridge high school, having been here for the past 4 years. I discovered a passion for the arts and sport activities very young and Cambridge high has helped me to continue my love for dance, volleyball, and sevens. The community atmosphere has impacted me greatly and I have gained a large group of lifelong friends. I hope that as a house captain this year I will impact at least some students in my house positively, whether this is helping them get involved in house activities or just being a friendly face around the school; let’s bring home a victory for the Horotiu hawks! Xx

Isabelle Vrensen - House Captain