Horotiu House Leaders

Elena Huggins - House Prefect

Kia ora, my name is Elena. I am one of the house prefects for the mighty Horotiu Hawks of 2021. Horotiu has an established atmosphere of comradery, which I love about us as a house. In everything we compete in, or even simply spend time together as a whānau, we thrive because of the supportive, driven and respectful environment Horotiu is. Connections have formed across year levels, which has helped create our awesome community. I am so grateful to be a part of the leadership of Horotiu and I look forward to taking out the year with my fellow Horotiuians.

Emma Birch - House Prefect

Hearty, Open-Minded, Ready for the world, One Whanau, Talented, Intelligent, Unique. These are just some of the qualities that the Horotiu House members contribute. We are named after the swift current of the river and a large old village located in Carters Flat. Being part of Horotiu is an honour as the teachers, students, and whaanau work hard to support everyone within this amazing house. This level of effort is evident shown by us winning the House Trophy for the first time ever last year, in the new House Structure. Let’s make 2021 another year of the HOROTIU HAWKS.

Joshua Morris - House Captain

Nau mai haere mai, a strong welcome to Cambridge High School. My name is Joshua Morris and I am proud to be a leader of Cambridge High School. A school with a great reputation for a wide range of subjects and achievements. I was appointed to be a house captain in 2021. I have always loved being a leader. This year, that dream that I held onto came true. I am a house captain of Horotiu. This role involves being a role model to students, to be a support to them and encourage   them when they are participating io house days. A big part of my role is helping lead the house and supporting our prefects. 

Deanna Young - House Captain

Kia Ora, My name is Deanna Young and I’m a Year 12 house captain for Horotiu! Being able to contribute to the organisation and leadership of the house with the Year 13s is such a cool opportunity! Around Cambridge High, I love being a part of everything to do with the Arts! Drama, Dance and Music has always been a passion of mine and getting to bring my experience and elements to the house has brought fun but also great learning opportunities. One of my favourite aspects about being house captain is being given the opportunity to welcome new and younger students, teaching them how much meaning the house system has at CHS and having the ability to represent Horotiu! I look forward to participating and sharing my involvement in the future of CHS!!

Gabe Ghersi - House Captain

Hello, my name is Gabe Ghersi and I have been privileged with being appointed as a house leader for Horotiu in 2021. My role within the Horotiu whaanau is to bring out the house spirit of Horotiu during school events such as Athletics, Swimming Sports and/or any other über competitive inter-house event with my fellow house leaders. Along with this, I am also in charge of creating enthralling, attention-grabbing Horotiu assemblies filled with information and celebration of the achievements and talent of my fellow Horotiuians. All in all, the atmosphere created within the Horotiu house is extremely welcoming and positive, plus we do win a lot of things so being a part of the Horotiu Hawks is a heck of a lot of fun!

Abby Pierce - House Captain

Hey, I'm Abby, one of your house captains for Horotiu 2021. I am looking forward to the success of our house this year whether it be us winning competitions or us all becoming closer and a more cohesive house. This year I am studying Chemistry, Biology, Psychology English and Health, with the hope of becoming a paramedic in future years. I wanted to be involved in a leadership role as I love seeing the junior students step out of their comfort zones and really excel in new and different challenges. I have total faith in Horotiu that we will continue our winning streak from last year and yet again take home the championship!!