Pukeroro House Leaders

James Hartley - House Prefect

Kia ora, My name is James and I am a House Prefect for Pukeroro. I love to be active and have fun. I have a second dan black belt in Karate and it’s incredibly important to me to be able to create an inclusive, safe and fun environment for everybody in our house. Having the privilege of being in this position allows me to try and create a house environment that teachers and other students want to be a part of. I hope to see my Pukeroro peers take more risks and develop their skills throughout the year.

Leila Walker - House Prefect

Hey! I’m Leila Walker and I am honoured to be a Prefect for Pukeroro house this year. I am also co-chair on the Sport Committee for 2022. The role is important to me, as sport and activity is a huge passion of mine. My view of a leader involves building a connection with students and providing an inclusive, safe space for everyone to enjoy. As a leader, within the house environment I think it’s important to be a team player and support students through their successes and setbacks. Throughout my time in Pukeroro house, I have felt that it is a strongly connected and accepting house, which caters for all personalities and interests. I hope to withhold the high standard of leadership that has influenced me the last few years.  

Georgia Willats - House Captain

Kia Ora, I’m Georgia and I’m one of your house captains for 2022! I have a passion for the arts and enjoy being involved in music, theater, and of course, musical theater. As a house captain, I aspire to have everyone involved and enjoy taking part in activities and house spirit. I am incredibly excited to create a positive space for all students a part of Pukeroro with the 2022 Pukeroro team! I hope to be seen as someone approachable who, at any year in the school feels comfortable talking to. With the leadership team of Pukeroro, I am confident students will feel seen and heard and feel a part of our whanau.

Genesis Frandi - House Captain

Kia ora, I am Genesis. For the year 2022, I am one of the Pukeroro’s house captains. Pukeroro has always given our big whaanau a sense of belonging and fun. As a house captain, I'm looking forwards to contributing to the preservation of that culture, as well as encouraging the kindling of a competitive spirit within it. I am a member of our school's girls football team, as well as our photography group and performing arts. This year I hope to help our house reach our goals and achieve greatness.

Ben Bonetti - House Captain

Kia Ora, my name is Ben Bonetti.
Being a house captain for Pukeroro this year as a Year 12 is a great privilege and I’m super excited to get to work alongside an awesome team of leaders and teachers. I am also excited to embrace new ways of gaining house spirit with my fellow leaders within our house. I am a musician and love doing gigs and performing. I also love my sport as I am a mountain biker and skier. I am an approachable, outgoing person and am super excited for this year and pumped to meet and make connections with more of the Pukeroro crew. 

Bill Axon - House Captain

Hey! I’m Bill Axon, a year 12 student who is so excited to be part of the leadership for Pukeroro throughout 2022. I like to see myself as an outgoing friendly person, whom others perceive as approachable and fun. I enjoy being outside and will often find myself in the forest biking. Although I understand the importance of academics and am always striving for excellence, I believe we all should try to maintain a bit of balance and do our best to have fun. My goal as house captain is to make sure everyone is getting involved and feels welcome in our house as I understand how hard it is for some students to fit in. As your house leaders, we are not only here to help you through the year but also here to support you as friends and make sure you feel a part of our Pukeroro family.