Pukeroro House Leaders

Bill Axon - House Prefect

Hey! I’m Bill Axon,

I am very excited to be part of the leadership team for Pukeroro and co-chair the sports committee throughout 2023. I like to see myself as an outgoing friendly person, whom others perceive as approachable and fun. I enjoy being outside and will often find myself in the forest biking. Although I understand the importance of academics and am always striving for excellence, I believe we all should try to maintain a bit of balance and do our best to have fun. A goal of mine as Prefect is to make sure everyone feels welcome into our house and comfortable to get involved at all events, as I understand many students don’t always feel like they fit in. As your house leaders, we are not only here to help you through the year but also here to support you as friends and make sure you feel a part of our Pukeroro whaanau. I hope that the impact I have will stick with many of my Pukeroro peers and that they themselves will look to help and encourage others for years to come as that’s what house spirit is all about.

Wiremu Knowles - House Prefect

Kia ora,

I’m Wiremu and I’m proud to be part of the pukeroro leadership team and co-chairing the academic committee (with the amazing Neve Keightley). I play many sports being social with not only my team but the other team as well. My friends say that I am “fun, energetic, motivated, friendly, positive, tall, helpful, enthusiastic, nice, matchmaker, sporty, quirky, poofy, encouraging, supportive, Approachable” (thanks Niko, Riana and Kaela). If you ever need anyone to talk to at school don’t be afraid to talk to me about anything I’m glad to listen. I know I’m big and you might be a bit intimidated (especially from my hair) but as the people closest to me say, I’m like a big teddy bear, you may even see me hug my friends at school when I see them, if you get to know me well enough you might get one too. So, if you ever need someone to talk to or just want to say hi, feel free to come and find me, I’m always happy to chat. Kia ora!

Elsa Jolley- House Captain

Kia ora, I'm Elsa a year 13 student who has been given the privilege of being one of your Pukeroro house captains for 2023. I am excited to be a part of our Pukeroro whanau this year. I love the arts, dance in particular, whether that be teaching students or participating in dance throughout my years at CHS. I am very excited to get everyone involved in their own unique ways and see our house spirit grow. I'm looking forward to all the events and activities we do this year.  

Isla Wilkinson - House Captain

Hi! My name is Isla Wilkinson and I’m one of the Pukeroro house captains for 2023. It is a huge privilege to be given this role and I’m super excited to take the opportunity to get to know many students within the Pukeroro whanau. I am a driven, dedicated and an approachable person. I love all things creative, drama especially as well as pottery on the side. Over my years at Cambridge High (in our fantastic house), I have gained so much confidence, resilience and met many amazing people, which I hope other students will achieve too. I can’t wait for the adventures and experiences we will face together this year.

Jorja Wright - House Captain

Kia Ora, my name is Jorja and I am one of the lucky students who has been given this awesome opportunity to be a part of the team that leads Pukeroro this year. I am thoroughly looking forward to getting to know more people and making some fun memories as a team. My goal for this year is to have heaps of fun and involve everyone as I believe it is important because we are a team and whanau that all work together. In the future, I hope to become a firefighter and have the tools to be able to help people who may be in some unfortunate situations. I am quite an active person who enjoys playing rugby, netball, squash, and touch so I am 99% going to say yes to a game on the field. I hope to be an approachable person that students feel comfortable coming up to ask questions or just have a chat, especially because I am no more than a student myself. I can’t wait to be a part of the tight-knit whanau that I know Pukeroro can become!