Pukeroro House Leaders

Petra Bennett - House Prefect

Hey, I’m Petra and I’m so privileged to be one of the prefects for Pukeroro House. I’m a Music student and love art and sports. I help co-chair the Art and Culture Committee, and it has been so much fun seeing our creative ideas and concepts come to life so far. To me, leadership within the house includes recognising the importance of serving others. I believe the ability to listen and include feedback is just as important as setting a good example, and that it’s also important to relate to others not only as a leader, but a friend. Being part of the leadership in Pukeroro feels like being part of one big family. 

Yash Baluni - House Prefect

Hi, I’m Yash and I am one of the prefects for Pukeroro House.  I am also co-chair of the Student Well-Being Committee. As a member of this committee I hope to make sure every student feels welcome and safe within our school environment. To me being a prefect means being a role model and setting an example. Having a part in this leadership team enables me to connect to my peers and newer students in a collaborative and inclusive manner. This helps us create a house that students feel happy and proud to be a part of.  

Grace Jolley - House Captain

Kia ora everyone, I’m Gracie, a Year 13 student of Pukeroro and a current house captain. I am an arts-based student at Cambridge High immersing myself in Visual Art, Music, and Dance. I’m very fortunate to be a house captain this year and am so pleased to contribute to our house spirit and whanaungatanga. From my experiences last year, our house felt like a place of acceptance and connectivity to both other students and our local culture. I hope to carry on this connectivity to Kemureti so others can experience a sense of belonging as I have from our house.   

Jessica Upston - House Captain

Hey, I’m Jess and I am one of the Pukeroro house captains. I have a love for being outside, being active and pushing myself out of my physical comfort zones. My goal within Pukeroro house is to grow house spirit and make each individual student feel welcome and safe within the Pukeroro whaanau. Leadership to me means stepping out of my comfort zone to help support others. The amazing group of people that encourage and help one another is one of the things that I love about being part of the Pukeroro leadership team.

Maia Cooney - House Captain

Kia ora, I’m Maia. I’m one of the Pukeroro house captains this year. As a house captain I aspire to encourage and motivate my peers and the younger students of the Pukeroro House. I enjoy being involved with sport and I enjoy being active and supporting others.  I am a member of the girls' Football and Hockey teams as well as a member of the 2021 Sports Committee. This year I hope to see Pukeroro House achieve great things. I hope to achieve this by getting more people involved and encouraging people to join in and have fun.

James Hartley - House Captain

Kia ora, My name is James and I am a house captain for Pukeroro. I love to be active and have fun. I have a second dan black belt in Karate and it’s incredibly important to me to be able to create an inclusive, safe and fun environment for everybody in our house. Having the privilege of being in this position allows me to try and create a house environment that teachers and other students want to be a part of. I hope to see my Pukeroro peers take more risks and develop their skills throughout the year.