Parawhau House Leaders

Mandi Portegys - House Prefect

This year I have the privilege of leading alongside the rest of Parawhau’s outstanding leadership team. This position is so rewarding, seeing all our big ideas being put into place to build our Parawhau Whaanau with promising outcomes. It gives me a great sense of pride knowing that we’re now the big seniors I always stood in awe of when I was new to school, and knowing that I’m a role model to them all. Even in a short amount of time, I have built long lasting friendships and trust through this role, through being involved with new things constantly and experiencing this final journey in our schooling years together. 

Paulo Baldo - House Prefect

As house prefect I am honoured and excited to contribute, in collaboration with all Parawhau staff and students, in our house becoming a source of pride for Cambridge High School. A house that is powerful, determined and there to have a good time, in the journey towards cultural and academic excellence. A journey that all students can benefit from. As my high school days slowly tick away, I will strive to maintain the values that Parawhau holds so dear. I will be proud. I will be determined.  I will be resilient.

Anneliese O'Brien - House Captain

Having the opportunity to be a house captain in Parawhau house is an absolute privilege. I feel very lucky to work alongside both students and teachers who are motivated to embrace each and every event with energy and determination. With the shared goal of making Parawhau house feel like an inclusive and fun environment, every student is given the opportunity to take part and shine in their area of expertise. It is amazing to feel connected to people who I normally would not get to know, through different events like Swimming Sports and Athletics Day, and to truly feel the strength of our Parawhau pride.

Keela Jones - House Captain

To me, being a house captain for Parawhau house means having the immense privilege of getting to work alongside a fantastic group of leaders and teachers as we forge an inclusive house community. I feel lucky to be given the opportunity to embrace these challenges and discover new and creative ways to encourage house spirit, no matter if we’re getting everyone involved on sports days and house events or finding ways to celebrate and recognize all of our talented students. In particular, I have enjoyed getting to know our Parawhau students and look forward to continuing to make these connections this year.

Sophie Power - House Captain

For my final year of high school, I have been lucky enough to be chosen to be a house captain for 2021. We’ve started off the year with an absolute bang, and I can’t wait to see where the future of Parawhau lies. It has been so rewarding to finally be able to step into the leadership roles, and represent and role model for our younger school, so that we can pave the path for their Parawhau Pride. The Parawhau team has a tight bond, that results in 100% pride and effort through any and every event, as well as friendships and companionships that will last for a lifetime.

Conrad Wilson - House Captain

Here at Cambridge High School, we strive for strength and inclusivity in everything we do from the classroom to the sports field. As a house captain I have been striving to include and strengthen my other house peers and provide a fun and inclusive environment at Cambridge High School. Here we provide amazing opportunities for students to learn and grow through sports, classes and student executive run events. A recent event that we ran was Spirit Week. Throughout Spirit Week, students all through the school actively participated in interesting and inclusive activities such as rock painting, a concert and a day in the park.