Parawhau House Leaders

Anna Ede - House Prefect

Hey, I’m Anna Ede and I have the privilege of being one of the Parawhau prefects for 2022! I also help co-lead the service committee. I couldn’t wish for a better group of people to work with than the Parawhau whanau, it is so much more than just a house and even in this short time I’ve made long lasting friendships for sure. This year I’m optimistic that we’ll get another opportunity to do swimming sports and athletics because I know they’re definitely a highlight for students, so I can’t wait to see everyone getting stuck in and earning points. I’ve already met a lot of new people through this role and can’t wait to meet more of you! 

Anneliese O'Brien - House Prefect

Parawhau is a house that holds a special place in my heart, and I am honoured to have the opportunity to give back to it this year as a house prefect. Being in Parawhau has allowed me to make strong friendships and to feel the strength of a house united by an inclusive spirit. I am excited to encourage students in our house to embrace their strengths and to get involved, to go hard in every house event, and to believe in themselves. I’m also looking forward to working closely with our house leaders to harbour our Parawhau pride, power, and passion

Luke O'Brien - House Captain and BoT student representative

It is an absolute privilege to be a Parawhau house captain this year. I am looking forward to working alongside likeminded people who strive to improve the experience of attending Cambridge High School for all students. I believe leadership is about bringing out the best in others by recognizing the different strengths of every individual. It is our goal to make Parawhau a united family who support each other to achieve greatness. 

Paige Gascoigne - House Captain

Having the opportunity to be a Parawhau house captain in my last year of high school is such an honour. I've always looked up to my house leaders as I've progressed through school and now having the opportunity to lead others is something I take immense pride in. Already I've made some amazing connections working with my fellow leaders and house members and it's been so rewarding to see Parawhau getting involved and putting themselves out there. I can't wait to see what we'll achieve this year!

Thomas Hocking - House Captain

Having the privilege to be a house captain in 2022 for Parawhau is an honour. I’m very lucky to be working alongside great student leaders who show heaps of energy and passion to make our house mighty. As a house captain, I strive to maintain and grow the house spirit and embrace every opportunity given to me. Despite having a scaled-down athletics day, swimming sports, and other events, the Parawhau leadership team will make sure our house feeling stays strong and connected as we navigate the year. I am looking forward to what 2022 brings to myself and the Parawhau whanau. 

Connor Harvey-Price - House Captain

As a house captain for Parawhau in 2022 I am honoured and privileged to work with a bunch of amazing people to bring new and exciting things to Cambridge High School. As a house captain this year I am striving to strengthen our Parawhau house and make us known as the most powerful house at Cambridge High School. As a house we should provide as much support for our peers as possible and show everyone the strength of Parawhau. I am going to walk with pride knowing that I am a part of something as great as the Parawhau house leadership team. As a Lacrosse player, I know what it takes to work as a team and Parawhau house knows how to work as team.