Parawhau is more than just a house. Parawhau is a spirit, a feeling, a whaanau. Parawhau’s strength lies within our inclusivity and diversity. We are Toa (Warriors), we exude Mana, and we have power through our pride. The symbol of Parawhau is the Hei Matau, representing prosperity, strength, land, fertility and safe voyage over water. We carry this with us to remind us of these core values we hold close to our hearts. Using this Parawhau pride that we possess; as a whaanau, we carry this power on to the sports fields, the stage, the classroom, and the community. Whether it’s athletics day, raising money for a house charity or simply gathering together at an assembly, everywhere you turn you’ll hear laughter, you’ll see smiles and you’ll feel the house spirit. At the end of the day, our goal as a Parawhau community is to get as many people as possible involved, and for them to have fun together as a whanau.

“Ayo Parawhau - Let’s go!”