Lacrosse is popular sport which has grown over recent years. This team sport relies on passing the ball to your teammate using a stick. Lacrosse is played in Terms 2 & 3 of the school year with trials taking place at the end of Term 1.

For girls, their games take place on Saturdays at Tamahere Park. For the boys, games are played on Sunday. There are two leagues for boys: Junior League (Sunday morning), played 6 vs 6 (limited gear) and Senior League (early Sunday afternoon), played 6 vs 6 with full gear (helmet, gloves, elbow pads).

Contact: - Mr Glen Stichbury -

Practice Times: Team trainings generally take place after school, and it will depend on what team you are in as to what day you will train.

Fees: Approx $100

Uniform: Players will be supplied with a playing uniform but will need to have their own sneakers/cleats, mouthguard and goggles and stick (if you have). We can help with gear if this is an issue.

Important Dates: Trials will be completed in Term 1. WSS Competition will commence May 11th and 12th.

Registration Form

Click on the following link to register to play Lacrosse in 2024 - Lacrosse Registration Form