History is an exciting subject where students are not only taught about the past but encouraged to see the links to how it is relevant today.  We take a balanced approach with a focus on our own stories of Aotearoa as well as a range of international topics.  Students are given the freedom to select an area of personal interest to research during class.

From the March on Washington and the fight for racial equality to the Russian Revolution and the tensions that arise from different leaderships.  The fragile and divided world during the cold war where we teetered on the edge of another global conflict.  Religion, and how it has shaped some of the biggest events in our history from the Gunpowder Plot of Early Modern England to the creation of Israel.

Students are encouraged to question accepted interpretations of the past and to consider contesting theories of historians.  History will challenge you to think and understand that the past has shaped our society and how it functions today.

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future”

-Theodore Roosevelt