Students who learn French join the group of 220 million people who speak French on five continents of the world.

It is a language that opens up the world, being the third most used language in the world, and adds a dimension of fun to our students’ day.

In French we focus on Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking and important literacy skills,  while also engaging our students using many extra fun activities.

Students go on cinema trips, restaurant trips, have class crepe parties, penpals in France and other cultural activities in the junior school.  Senior students have a Bastille Dinner, an ice skating trip to Auckland,  restaurant trips, cinema trips, a sleepover for Year 13s and a French camp at Raglan also for Year 13s.

Trips to France, New Caledonia and Tahiti will be offered to them over their time at school.

They also have the chance to take part in the Swiss Exchange in Year 12.

Join us to begin your life long journey learning the beautiful French language.

Student Exchange

Every year we offer an exchange programme with students from Switzerland. 

This is a fantastic opporutntiy to live with a homestay family in the French speaking part of Switzerland over our Summer break (their winter). In return, you will be required to reciprocate their hospitality, hosting a student in your home. 

For further details contact our Head of Languages Madame Pip Feast