Economics helps us understand the way the NZ economy works, what its major problems are, and where the solutions to these problems lie. Studying Economics may not help you become rich but it will introduce you to an “economic way of thinking” that enables you to logically assess the pros and cons of different alternatives and make choices that are efficient and equitable.

In Economics we examine New Zealand’s major economic issues. The topics covered will be:

• How do I get a job– what is unemployment, what are its causes and effects, what can
governments do to reduce it?

• Inflation robs you of buying power, making you worse off – what is inflation, what are its
causes and effects and what can governments do to stabilise prices?

•How do/don’t governments encourage Economic growth, and will it increase buying power
making you better off?

• What government policy should be established to close the gap between industry?

• Using markets to allocate resources to find the  best outcomes for society.

• See how government intervention in markets is justified if they are failing.

• We also gain an understanding of the internal and external factors affecting the performance of the NZ economy.