Update on Facemasks and our Assembly

Morena e te whaanau,
Good morning everyone,

Just a couple of brief things from me this morning.

Firstly, facemasks are no longer expected to be worn indoors at CHS. Nationally and locally the quantity of illness has decreased notably over the first 4 weeks of this term and student attendance at CHS is trending back upwards. Wearing masks is still encouraged and supported at CHS, but teachers will no longer be following this up with students in class.

Secondly, we had a fantastic assembly on Wednesday where Deanna Young (Deputy Head Student) interviewed Mr John McDonnell about his experiences officiating for cycling in the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. It was a very positive message about realising your potential, how this is supported by our school values and how these values apply after school. Our school values are captured in the acronym REACH – Realise your Potential, Engage with Purpose, Act with Integrity, Care for People and Places and Have the courage to Succeed. We also linked this into the remainder of the term, upcoming assessments and the importance of using these values to underpin our approach to realising our potential in learning. He shared some humorous stories too, including the similarities between being a DP in a school and an official ruling on matters involving the world’s elite athletes. At points he needed to fine and deduct UCI points for athletes wearing the wrong socks and cyclists discarding rubbish in the wrong place! We concluded the assembly with a performance from our kapa haka group, Te Piringa Maaori o Tauiwi. Here is the link for those of you that would like to see the fantastic performance.

Finally, remember the later start on Monday morning, with period 1 starting at 9am and the Teacher Only Day on Tuesday.

Kia pai too raa whakataa,

Have a good weekend

Greg Thornton