Cell Phone Action Plan Update

Dear Parents / Caregivers,
Teenaa koutou,

Thank you for your support and feedback over the past 2 weeks with the implementation of our banning of cell phones during lesson time. Staff have noticed a real difference in the classroom, with students more focused on the lessons and far fewer confrontations than we experienced last year. We want to remind everyone at home that phones can be used be during movement time (5 minutes between lessons), break times and before and after school. There really isn’t any need for phones to be out in class time, so please encourage your child to keep the phones in their bags during class time.

We have received feedback over the week about the difficulties being without the phone after school creates for the family. We have listened to what you were saying and understand the challenges this can present and we have adjusted our expectations accordingly. Students do not need to leave the phone with us overnight, instead they are welcome to collect the phone at the end of each day and return it to the SLT before period 1 starts in the morning. They are to continue doing this until the detention has been completed. This updated flow chart now reflects this process.

We have had about 40 students (out of approximately 1800 students) on detention over the past week. This low number, especially when compared to the quantity of problems we faced last year, indicates that the message has been clearly heard. With weeks of warnings being provided in class, support from home and the students knowing clearly what is expected of them in class, we are seeing a shift in student behaviour that is good for learning at CHS.

Thank you for your ongoing support

Ngaa mihi ki a koutou

Marcel Kuijkers
Assistant Principal
Cambridge High School