Winding Up 2023

Teenaa koutou,
Dear Parents/Caregivers, and Students

It is the first of de ember, the sun is shining, and we have finished the last of the NCEA exams this week – summer is definitely on its way!  

Before then, however, we have some great things to cover with our students: 

  • 4-5 December
    These are normal school days, with ongoing learning in classes.  
    Our Junior Executive have done a great job this week of running activities for students.  
    This week, Monday is a scavenger hunt, Tuesday is a spider (drink) sale.  

  • 6-8 December
    Year 9 activities days. We abandon our normal timetable and have a great few days of activities and games designed to have fun and build the relationships between students and with our staff. This is compulsory for all Year 9 students. 
    Year 10 camps. Students have signed up for the wide range of camps we have offered. This is a fantastic time where students have trips that range from diving in Whitianga through to camping locally and anything in between.  

  • 11 December 
    This is the final day of school for many of our students. An opportunity to wind up the year with their classes, collect final work and share a more relaxed day with their friends. 

  • 12 December 
    Junior prizegiving where we acknowledge the wonderful achievements of our students. Parents are welcome to this event which will be held in the hall.  

And that will bring to a close 2023. It has been a very positive year full of opportunities for our students and with great success in academics, sports and arts. The junior students have put in extra effort in this term, performing at their best in the co-requisite exams, school exams and final weeks of learning. The students certainly have earned the summer break. I wish you all the very best for the upcoming summer and hope that you can recharge and refresh together. Kia pai oo raa whakataa (enjoy your holidays). 

Ngaa mihi nui 
Kind regards 

Greg Thornton