End of Term 2 Update

Teenaa koutou,
Good afternoon Parents / Caregivers,

I wanted to outline what the remainder of the term looks like as there are a few events which will cause disruption, on top of the current rostering home. As background to this, we have gone through our calendar of events and pulled back on all non-essential trips. It is very important for us to take the steps we can to maximise the class time for students when they are onsite.

However, we need to proceed with key events and the following provides some background on why they need to remain in place.

Teacher Only Day – 16 June
This is a pre-planned event, where we engage in professional development that is designed to benefit all of the schools in the Cambridge area. The planning and commitment to guest speakers, educational experts and collaboration across our schools means that we will need to continue with this day. It is deliberately chosen annually to line up with Field days, as this is a day that historically has had an impact student attendance.

Early closure, Junior Parent/Teacher interviews – 20 June
These evenings are incredibly important for our community and always have high attendance rates. In order to accommodate the demand, we close the school at the start of lunch. This means that there is impact to period 5 only.

Early closure, Paid Union Meeting – 28 June
There is a legal provision for PPTA Union Members to meet. There is much for them to discuss in this meeting including next steps towards a resolution of the current situation. We have rearranged the timing of the day to minimise impact on classes. We will shorten the periods slightly and reduce the interval break so that we can remain open for periods 1, 2 and 3. The school will need to close for instruction from 11:45 am.

Term 3 early closure, Senior Parent/Teacher interviews – 19 July
We delayed this evening from earlier in Term 2 as we were trying to minimise the impact during Term 2. It is an important event, and we encourage your attendance (ideally with your child) in Week 1 of Term 3. It is a useful tool in helping families and the school stay informed about student progress, especially with the current disruption.

Support during this time
We will support our community with supervision as required. Throughout the strikes, rostering home and early closures if your child cannot remain at home for whatever reason, you are welcome to send them to school. They will need to sign in at the student office and gather in the library. They will need to have their own work to carry on with.

Ngaa mihi
Kind regards

Greg Thornton