PPTA Contract and Further Industrial Action

Morena ki a koutou,
Good morning everyone,

We have received official notification this morning from the PPTA of the outcome from nationwide voting on the offer from the Ministry of Education. The members have rejected the offer.

The industrial action that will impact our community is the rostering home of students. The following are the details for the remainder of the term:

Week 8 (12-16 June)
Monday - Year 11 and 12
Tuesday - Year 9 and 13
Wednesday - Year 10 and 11
Thursday - Year 12 and 13

Week 9 (19-23 June)
Monday - Year 9 and 10
Tuesday - Year 11 and 12
Wednesday - Year 9 and 13
Thursday - Year 10 and 11

Week 10 (26-30 June)
Monday - Year 12 and 13
Tuesday - Year 9 and 10
Wednesday - Year 11 and 12
Thursday - Year 9 and 13

This means that we will need to change some of our planned events and trips for the remainder of the term. Teachers in charge of these events will be directly in touch with the students involved, confirming the details of the trip or informing you of any cancellations.

If there is any change in this planned action, I will be in touch as soon as possible.

Ngaa mihi
Kind regards

Greg Thornton