Water Polo is a fun, competitive team sport played in deep water between two teams of seven players each. The game consists of four quarters in which the two teams attempt to score goals by throwing the ball into the opposing team's goal.   Over the past three years we have developed our pool of players to field at least two mixed teams and a girls’ team in the Senior Competition.

Games are held at either Te Rapa, Waterworld or St Peters, Cambridge on a Monday, or Wednesday night. 

There are two national tournaments that teams might be able to attend. CHS often has successful representative players who go on to play for Waikato and attend age group championships throughout the year. 

Contact: Jonnie Peter

Fees: Approximately $85 per term.

Practices: Practice times are normally run two mornings at 6am and one after school session till 5pm.

Uniform: CHS Togs are compulsory for competition and can be purchased from the school at a cost of approximately $95 for girls and $45 for boys

Important Dates: The Senior competition is run in Term 1 and the Junior competition is in Term 4.