Mr Justin Read

I’m Justin Read, we moved to the Waikato in 2009 and it is definitely home now. I am married to Karen Barlow and have two children at Cambridge High School in Year 9 & Year 11.

I have been involved with BOT through my kids schooling and been on Leamington School BOT and Cambridge Middle School BOT. During this time I’ve gained a great appreciation for the challenges of education.

I am currently an agribusiness manager with BNZ, I have a passion for farming and farm businesses. It is a pleasure adding value at the family dining room table & I bring these skills to the board table. I’m not afraid to challenge the status quo, I ask difficult questions to ensure we achieve the best all-round outcomes for the school. I am passionate about education and personal development. Creating a good foundation of learning is critical and begins by creating a great culture.

Justin Read