Electronics is a pathway into IT and involves the study and construction of physical components and digital signals and creating devices that use them.

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Cambridge High School (CHS) established in 1883

Welcome back to Term 2

Kia ora e te whaanau, Good afternoon everyone, A very warm welcome to Term 2, well at least it is once that frost clears. I hope that you enjoyed some great time with your family and whaanau andRead more

Teacher Only/Accord Day - Monday 9 May

Dear Parents / Caregivers This letter is a reminder to parents that the school will be closed for students on Monday 9 May for a teacher only day as published on the parent portal calendar. This AcRead more

Have a great Easter break everyone post

Kia ora e te whaanau, Dear Parents / Caregivers, Thank you for all of your support and input over the term. In spite of all of the challenges it has been a very successful term, as our finalRead more

The end of rostering and face masks still highly recommended

Kia ora e te whaanau, Dear Parents / Caregivers / Students, I wanted to quickly update you on a few things today.  Firstly, a reminder that the Year 11s are rostered home tomorrow. It is our inteRead more

Rostering home will continue until the end of Term 1

Dear Parents / Caregivers, and students Teenaa koutou ki a koutou, In my communication last week, I signaled that we would like to stop rostering home our senior students before the end of term.Read more

Parent evenings postponed to Term 2 and rostering home update

Dear Parents / Caregivers, Teenaa koutou ki a koutou,   I hope you and your whaanau are doing well after the week that had a bit of everything including weather bombs, ongoing COVID disruption andRead more

CHS Covid Updates

Today I received an important sports update with regards to involvement in sanctioned events in secondary school sport. As you are aware Sport NZ had in place a requirement for all participants inRead more

Rostering home updated details

Dear Parents / Caregivers, Kia ora e te whaanau, We have had a few queries about the rostering home of students, and I want to address those for everyone here. Students on trips or courses. If aRead more

Cell Phone Action Plan Update

Dear Parents / Caregivers, Teenaa koutou, Thank you for your support and feedback over the past 2 weeks with the implementation of our banning of cell phones during lesson time. Staff have noticedRead more

End of Week 2 update

Dear Parents / Caregivers, Teenaa koutou ki a koutou, I hope everyone has a good book for the wet weekend ahead, or perhaps you want to read this attachment – there are a few things for us to getRead more

Final communication home for 2021

Read more

Year 13 Camp Update

Dear Parents / Caregivers and Students in Year 13 Teenaa koutou ki a koutou, Firstly, welcome back to you all and I hope that the first few days have gone well. It has been great seeing you fill upRead more