Electronics is a pathway into IT and involves the study and construction of physical components and digital signals and creating devices that use them.

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Cambridge High School (CHS) established in 1883

Winter tournament, SADD and assessment weeks

Kia ora koutou, I hope that you are somewhere warm and dry today. I know spring can be changeable, but it feels like we have slipped back into the depths of winter out there today. A couple ofRead more

Update on Facemasks and our Assembly

Morena e te whaanau, Good morning everyone, Just a couple of brief things from me this morning. Firstly, facemasks are no longer expected to be worn indoors at CHS. Nationally and locally theRead more

Plan for teaching adjustments in Term 3

Teenaa koutou e te whaanau Dear Parents and Caregivers We have had a challenging start to this term and need to make some adjustments to how we operate at CHS over the remainder of the term to suppRead more

Learning Recognition Credits in 2022

Good afternoon everyone, Earlier in the week the government announced the use of Learning Recognition Credits in 2022. The decision to do this was based on assessment evidenced gathered from across Read more

Week 3 Term 3

Ata marie e te whaanau, Good morning parents and caregivers, It has been an interesting first few weeks at CHS with staff absence and bomb threats stretching our capacity. Week 2 finished incrediblyRead more

Welcome back to Term 3

Good afternoon everyone, Kia ora e te whaanau, I hope that you have enjoyed some downtime over the past few days. I certainly appreciated a few days space to recharge and reconnect with friends andRead more

Wrapping up Term 2

Dear Parents / Caregivers, Teenaa koutou ki a koutou, I hope that everyone enjoyed the long weekend with a celebration that is unique for Aotearoa New Zealand. I know there were a lot ofRead more

Welcome back to Term 2

Kia ora e te whaanau, Good afternoon everyone, A very warm welcome to Term 2, well at least it is once that frost clears. I hope that you enjoyed some great time with your family and whaanau andRead more

Teacher Only/Accord Day - Monday 9 May

Dear Parents / Caregivers This letter is a reminder to parents that the school will be closed for students on Monday 9 May for a teacher only day as published on the parent portal calendar. This AcRead more

Have a great Easter break everyone post

Kia ora e te whaanau, Dear Parents / Caregivers, Thank you for all of your support and input over the term. In spite of all of the challenges it has been a very successful term, as our finalRead more

The end of rostering and face masks still highly recommended

Kia ora e te whaanau, Dear Parents / Caregivers / Students, I wanted to quickly update you on a few things today.  Firstly, a reminder that the Year 11s are rostered home tomorrow. It is our inteRead more

Rostering home will continue until the end of Term 1

Dear Parents / Caregivers, and students Teenaa koutou ki a koutou, In my communication last week, I signaled that we would like to stop rostering home our senior students before the end of term.Read more