Te Oko Horoi House Leaders

Laura Thornton - House Prefect

Hey, I’m Laura, one of the 2021 prefects for Te Oko Horoi. This year I am studying Sports Science, Health, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology and hoping to study Physiotherapy next year. One of the things I’m looking forward to this year is not only seeing the success of Te Oko Horoi in school wide competitions but seeing everyone from Year 9-13 participating and contributing towards the culture of the house.  Seeing the juniors get involved in the leadership of the house would be one of my main goals for this year. I am looking forward to seeing the increase in the depth of leadership within Te Oko Horoi. Oh, and of course winning the house shield, let’s go Te Oko Horoi!

Sean Hapi - House Prefect

I am honored to have been selected for the position of Prefect for the great House that is Te Oko Horoi. Now that I am in this position, I am responsible for setting an example to all the people in my house. I try to do this by leading by example to show my House that anything is possible if you just give it a try. My goal for this year is to, with the help of the other amazing house leaders, lead my house to victory or at least have fun trying.

Anica van den Berg - House Captain

Hi, my name is Anica and I’m a house captain of Te Oko Horoi this year. Personally, I like the positive environment within our House and I love to see everyone getting involved. I am very happy with how our House has started off the year in terms of participation and would like our house spirit to grow during the rest of the year as a whole and see everyone enjoying having fun at all the upcoming activities. 

Gemma Barham - House Captain

Leadership positions supply abundant opportunities to help and serve others, which can teach us all valuable skills, and aid our growth as people. Mistakes also educate us, so hopefully we can learn to improve after defeat, as well as strive for success. While academia and hard-work are important, I believe trying new things, trying our best, trying to have fun, and trying to be our best selves benefit us more. Thus, I’ll support Te Oko Horoi in equally valuing individuals across achievement continuums as they contribute their talents and interests, participating in the Te Oko Horoi community. I also hope to support Te Oko Horoi this year in continuing to create a sense of belonging, and learning/growing :)

Malaika Killian - House Captain

Hi my name is Malaika and I am one of the house captains for Te Oko Horoi for 2021. I take Physics, Sport Science, French, Gateway and EXT4. I am hoping to study Physiotherapy next year. I have always been interested in leadership so I am enjoying being a house captain this year. So far this year Te Oko Horoi has taken out both of the big house events, swimming sports and athletics all due to the amazing participation of everyone in the House! I am really looking forward to more of the house events and challenges this year and can’t wait to see everyone get involved and having fun!

Rachael Donaldson - House Captain

I am a big part of driving our House, Te Oko Horoi, in a positive mindset to keep our winning attitude at number one! We are a motivated team and work well together to push for the best results, which have been really coming through in all the events we have been involved with for 2021. We as leaders have created our House to be outgoing, supportive and with a fair attitude which is leading us to success. I think we have a great year ahead of us and I am looking forward to seeing where leadership takes me.