Te Oko Horoi House Leaders

Bastiaan Banks - House Prefect

Kia Ora, it has been an honour to be selected as a House Prefect for Te Oko Horoi. This year has had a difficult start to it with the cancellation of two major house events but despite this, we have shown great participation in all house activities, and it has shown in our house points. I am excited to keep developing house participation and spirit and hopefully we can repeat as house champions. However, my main focus for this year is leadership development. Leadership comes in many different ways and everyone has the chance to be a leader. This fits in well with one of the PB4L letters. “Realise your potential”, leadership is a team involvement, no one person can influence an entire house to participate and develop school spirit. This is why with the inclusion of the Junior Executive this year; we will work together to develop leaders of all year levels for Te Oko Horoi. 

Gemma Barham - House Prefect

School goes beyond academics; it’s where we begin finding who we are, and learning how to be who we wish to be. This year, I’d love to encourage people to put life into perspective, and find ways to enjoy even the small things. We often long for the future, taking for granted the present; only realising on reflection the potential we missed to enjoy each moment, and make the most of the ordinary. By making people’s weeks mean more to them as they find who they are, we can make a positive difference we will be proud of :)

Jujar Singh - House Captain

Kia ora koutou. I have really enjoyed all that CHS has offered me inside and outside of classes. As House Captain I want to encourage as many of our Te Oko Horoi crew to get involved in as much as they can and help us come out on top again!

Angus McInnes - House Captain

Hey, I'm Angus, one of the 2022 house captains for Te Oko Horoi. This year I am studying Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, and English and hoping to study Engineering next year. My drive this year is to win by participating in house events and making sure everyone from year 9 to 13 is involved in some way. Participation in all house events is the key to being an enjoyable and successful house! Unfortunately, some of our biggest events in term 1 have been cancelled due to covid, this has a massive impact on the Year 9's as they miss out on opportunities to try new things for their first year of Cambridge High School. This drives our house leadership team to strive for participation and support those students who may be struggling during this time! I am really looking forward to more house events (hopefully aren't cancelled due to covid) and challenges this year and can't wait to see all year levels participating and contributing and displaying our new school values, REACH. House shield 2x in a row??? 

Jessica Thomas - House Captain

Hey! I’m Jess – one of Te Oko Horoi’s house captains for 2022. I love Drama, spending time with my family and friends, and enjoy playing Netball. I’m excited to be a part of what will hopefully be another great year ahead for TOH and look forward to contributing towards an environment which fosters confidence, encouragement, and involvement within the house.

Anna Jago - House Captain

Kia Ora, I’m Anna, one of Te Oko Horoi’s house captains for 2022. This year I am studying Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Dance. I am very academic but also love to dance, play lots of different sports and I am always keen to try something new. A goal I have this year is to use the leadership and personal skills I have learnt through many amazing experiences in and out of school, to create a spirited house environment and encourage our future leaders. I am super excited to be a house captain this year and looking forward to another fun and victorious year in TOH!!