Te Koo Utu House Leaders

Mira Heubeck - House Prefect

Good leadership is knowing how to collaborate with others. This year has taught me that creativity, enthusiasm and dedication are a huge part of this. As the house system is still new, this year revolves around laying the groundwork for the future. Being a part of Te Koo Utu means being a part of a community and connecting to the school and peers. Therefore, a huge focus of mine this year is participation and finding ways for more people to connect within the house. All this in hope of promoting a sense of belonging. I hope to always feel a part of Te Koo Utu and that others will as well.

Ben Eastwood - House Prefect

This year, it would seem I have many passions and no free time to pursue them. Sports play a relatively big role in taking up that time, I am captain for one of the school Ultimate Frisbee teams and have been a part of the 1st XI Hockey team for the past three years. I enjoy French, Physics and Chemistry and hope to end up doing something in one those fields. Throughout the year, I am hoping to develop my leadership skills and provide a stepping stone for those coming through after me.

Danielle Malcolm - House Captain

As part of Te Koo Utu’s 2021 leadership team, I hope to bring heaps of fun and excitement. My role within the house is to organise house assemblies which take place once a fortnight. I take time to make a PowerPoint which contains all the need-to-knows for the week ahead and always include cute little shark cartoons. This year, I want to make assemblies something to look forward to - rather than something to dread so expect a few cheeky surprises! You’ll find me on house activities days wearing my favourite blue bucket hat and of course carrying a big bucket of lollies. I’m hyped to see Te Koo Utu succeed and have a great year! 

Devon Briggs - House Captain

Kia Ora everyone, I’m Devon. My role within Te Koo Utu is house spirit. So you’ll always see me out front getting everyone involved or yelling the house chant. I’m a really sporty person and enjoy cycling, I have future ambitions to go to the 2024 Paralympics and world championships to represent New Zealand and win gold. I am also an advocate for kids with disabilities within school sports, so if you’re ever feeling like you’re being left out of something or are unable to participate come let me know and we will find a solution.

Renae Rossbotham - House Captain

My name is Renae, and I am one the Te Koo Utu house captains of 2021. My role as one of the four house captains is to look for potential future house leaders and encourage them to get involved with as many opportunities as they can and show them a little of what it’s like to be a house captain. Being a house captain is something I’ve wanted to be since I was in Year 6, and even though I would have never imagined myself in this position, it has been one the most rewarding and exciting opportunities of my life.

Seton Clarke - House Captain

As someone who only joined Cambridge High School at the start of last year, I was at first worried how I’d fit in. Nearly one and a half years later, I couldn’t feel more at home. I am a person who likes to get out there and do things, and I enjoy my sports, which is one of the main reasons I asked to oversee house events. I wanted to make sure that the events were going to be enjoyable for everyone from Te Koo Utu, so that they can share my enthusiasm. Despite my short time at this school, I want to make myself, and the events I helped organise, a memorable part of the Te Koo Utu students' time here at Cambridge High School.