CHS Swimmers do all their training through their own local clubs.  Students swim at the School Swimming Sports and then have the option to go on and swim for their school at several events:

·         New Zealand Secondary Schools Open Water Championships

·         Waikato Secondary Schools Swimming Championships

·         New Zealand Secondary Schools Swimming Championships

Contact: Sports Department - sport@camhigh.school.nz

Important Dates:
13th February - School Swimming Sports
16th March - NZSS Open Water in Rotorua
30th May - WSS Swimming in Hamilton
25th-28th July - NZSS Swimming in Auckland

2024 Swimming Sports Sign Up

Our school swimming sports will be held on 13th February 2024. Alongside our fun house events we will be running competitive events for those students who want to earn extra house points and aim to be crowned champion.

Competitive Swimming Sports Sign Up - 2024