2022 Swimming Captain

Our 2022 Swimming Captain is:
Anna Smith

Every year, in February (usually on the hottest day of the year) the School hosts the CHS Swimming sports. The day is organised by the Physical Education Department and supported by the Department of Sport and Culture.  This event is compulsory for Years 9 & 10 and optional for Years 11-13.  The event is a mix of the traditional swimming events - freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly mixed with fun events for everyone to take part.  Its part of the House Events calendar for the year encouraging everyone - staff and students alike - to be involved.

From this day, our champion swimmers are identified and entered into the Swimming meets for regional and national events.

Swimming does not operate as a formal club and most of our premier swimmers are involved with community based swimming clubs.

Contact Mr Jeremy Wright or Mrs Hannah Glover for more details as to how you can take part.