Rock Climbing

Climbing is a fun, challenging activity that runs throughout Terms 1, 2 and 3. It caters for all levels of climbers from novice through to national competitors. Our team of regular climbers is approximately 15 - 20. Each session at Extreme Edge is a fun training overseen by our climbing coach, Mr Doug McCauley. The aim of the trainings is to increase the level of climbing competence from each student. Lead climbing and belaying are worked toward throughout the year. Students need to get themselves to Extreme Edge for a 4:30 start, for a two-hour session overseen by a climbing coach.

Contact: Sports Department -

Practice Times: Training sessions 4:30 – 6:30 pm at Extreme Edge, Hamilton on Tuesday evenings throughout the year.

Fees: $80 per term (approximately 10 sessions). Students will also need to pay entry to Extreme Edge. Price options are available on the following website:

Uniform: CHS PE uniform is fine. An optional CHS climbing singlet can be purchased for approximately $40.

Gear Required: CHS supplies shoes and harnesses. Students need a water bottle to remain hydrated.

Important Dates: There are two events on the climbing calendar each year:

·         Waikato Secondary Schools Regionals in August

·         National Secondary School climbing comp in winter Tournament week


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