Football Co-captains:

Our 2022 Football Co-captains are:
Flynn Wooten and Becky Savage

Football is growing in popularity with students.  Whether it is just for the joy of being in a team to more competitive games the football committee has got it covered.

The first muster for Football is in term one of each year.  The muster is often the time when some team selections are trialed and trials continue in the weeks that follow.  As Football is a Winter sport (terms two and three) the committee respects that during the muster and trial process students may have other summer sports commitments and that these always take priority and, that there will always be a chance to trial for the teams they wish to be in.

Over the last few years the premier teams have prided themselves not only on their successes but also as growing into fine young people that represent the school with distinction in everything they do.

Email CHS Football to find out more details.