Cycling is a multifaceted sport at Cambridge High School, offering the disciplines of Road, Track and Mountain biking with accessibility to BMX also. 

Cyclocross has now also been added and is one of the oldest forms of cycling (it is sometimes described as a cross between mountain biking and road cycling with an element of running and jumping on and off your bike). 

The Avantidrome enables riders the opportunity to utilise regular track time to develop strength and power unimpeded by the fickle winter weather. Mountain biking is on offer in Terms 1 and 4 when the local track is at its best and dirt can be carved up. This discipline is split on the school calendar with Road Cycling where road rides are offered on Thursday for those keen to head out on the quiet country roads learning skill and developing techniques. Cambridge High School has an impressive number of riders representing the school regionally and nationally. 

If you would like to find out more about cycling then please contact our Teacher in Charge of Cycling, Mr John McDonnell or Mrs Meshy Holt