Board Chair

Mrs Helen Martens

My interest in standing for the Board of Trustees is because I believe in the ‘now’ and the future of Cambridge High School.
I currently have a boy attending CHS and will have another one attending in a few years.
I bring many years of experience working at a senior corporate level across areas as diverse as continuous improvement, training, governance, finance and human resources.
I currently run my own consultancy company where I work with senior leaders in some of NZ top companies helping them harness their collective thinking and understand the power of diverse voices in order to drive a business forward. It is this kind of thinking; the ability to bring different opinions together, that I feel helps me contribute to building on CHS's current strong educational focus. I am a strong team player and I bring both experience and a sense of humour to the table.
I want to invest in my local community and give back some of my time and experience.
I have found Cambridge High School to be a great establishment and I want to see this grow and develop.