Welcome Back - Start of 2022

Teenaa koutou e te whaanau. Nau mai hoki mai ki e te whaanau o te kura tuarua o Te Oko Horoi,

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students

Welcome back to Cambridge High School

I hope that you have been able to enjoy some down time with your friends and family and were able to re-charge after the particularly challenging year we had last year. In the face of the disruption, we were able to achieve an incredible amount as a school for our students and the community, but it took a lot of energy. Looking ahead to 2022 we will again need to face up to ongoing disruption and manage as best we can, finding ways to support each other and demonstrate understanding in such challenging times. I encourage you to keep in contact with us and each other as the pressure comes on for all of us at different points throughout the year. We will do what we can to help out throughout the year and encourage you to contact the teacher directly (for particular subjects), the form teacher (for general concerns on a student) or our support staff (for finance or attendance pressures). I know that we will certainly need your understanding as we anticipate more disruption than we have seen before. This term we will not be re-entering lockdowns, but rather we will keep the school running with special measures in place to cater for active cases and close contacts and the absence this will cause with staff and students.

We are looking forward to getting the year started and seeing students onsite over the coming week. We have needed to make some adjustments to fit in with the red light setting and expectations from the Ministry of Education. Here are the details:

  • Start of year details
  • Face mask wearing
  • Expectations in class
  • Managing cases
  • Absence

Ngaa mihi

Greg Thornton