Uniform expectations update and survey reminder

Teenaa koutou,
Dear Parents / Caregivers,

Uniform reminder and feedback opportunity for CHS uniform review

We have been warning students this term about wearing their uniform correctly and it is looking really good out there. For the warning we have been confiscating items or putting students into loan items.

Next term, we will confiscate the items and issue detentions to students who continue to wear incorrect uniform items, as it becomes an issue of disobedience. Please see the attached flowchart for further information.

If students have a legitimate reason for being out of their school uniform, they need to take a note from home to their House Dean and they can provide a loan uniform item.

Finances are not a barrier to wearing the correct uniform. We enjoy support from our community that will provide free items to students with financial need. Just get in touch with the student office, or Kirsty Stannard in our accounts department.

The following are key items of uniform that are worn incorrect currently, and we need your support to address it with our students:

Sandals - These are a summer uniform item for Terms 1 and 4 only. Shoes and socks are to be worn during winter.

Undershirts - Plain white, blue or black tight-fitting thermal layers only are to be worn under the full school uniform. The idea behind this is to provide our students with the additional warmth of a thermal layer underneath their clothing. Currently, we see students wearing jumpers and even hoodies under their uniform and this is not acceptable.

Winter jackets - These can be worn over a full school uniform on the way to and from school an in between classes. The main reason for this item is in response to requests for children to be well-protected from the rain on the way to and from school. There is to be no puffer jackets or other items instead of the school uniform. The jacket needs to be dark blue or black.

Socks - We have school socks, and these must be worn. There are no alternatives. Boys need to wear school socks; girls can wear either white ankle socks or black opaque stockings.

Hoodies - These are not a part of the school uniform. Some students have hoodies for their sports teams or arts groups. These are a great recognition of their involvement in one of our teams and should be worn with pride at their sports or arts fixtures or training but not at school.

The attached file summarises our planned response next term to ensure students are wearing the CHS uniform correctly. In summary, we have been using the Term to confiscate incorrect items and reinforce expectations around uniform. We will use discipline measures during Term 3 and 4 for students who are not wearing the correct uniform. We have really appreciated the support of our community to get this aspect of CHS life looking great again, and anticipate fewer challenges with uniform next term.

Uniform review - We have begun a review of the uniform with the CHS Board and would like to invite you to share your perspective on our uniform. The Board have created this form and would appreciate you completing the form between now and the end of the term. Please click on the link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfkwfrVj9gHp-paJDuwkQKyMFbqMR6HyfUoPWOEvouwthc_2w/viewform

Have a nice break and see you next term.

Kia pai oo raa whakataa

Greg Thornton