Term 2 Industrial action update

Teenaa koutou, Dear Parents / Caregivers,

I am writing to you to remind you of the planned industrial action that will impact the operations of CHS this term. I am grateful for the hard work and the positive impact that our teachers have on the students in our community, and I am hopeful that the government will also recognise this with a significantly improved offer.

You are probably aware of the involvement of the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) in assisting with negotiations. This may result in a satisfactory resolution and the changing of planned actions, and we will update you as soon as we have official confirmation of any change to the plans.

Rostering home

This is where union members will not teach students of these year levels on these targeted days. This action will mean that we cannot staff the school for that year level and those students only will be asked to remain at home. We can run limited supervision for families who need this support. This will be similar to the support offered during strike action, with a supervised study space available.

The details are as follows:

o Week 2 Thursday - Year 11

o Week 3 Tuesday - Year 12, and Thursday - Year 13

o Week 4 Tuesday - Year 9, and Wednesday - Year 10

o Week 5 Thursday - Year 11

o Week 6 Tuesday - Year 13, and Thursday - Year 12

o Week 7 Tuesday - Year 10, and Thursday - Year 9

For students in classes that are at a different year level to their own cohort, this will be treated as the curriculum year level. Specifically, I will use the scenario of a student in Year 11 studying in a Level 2 Mathematics class. When Year 11 are rostered home, these students will still be expected to attend their Level 2 Mathematics class in school uniform. When the Year 12s are rostered home, the Year 11 students will attend this class for a supervised study period. If a student cannot attend CHS, the work to be covered will be shared ahead of the day on Teams.

In multi-level classes (for a example a Level 1 and 2 combined Dance class), staff will teach the year level that are not rostered home. In this Dance example it would mean teaching Level 2 curriculum when the Year 11s are rostered home.

Individual staff may make amendments to this plan for pragmatic reasons, and they will be in touch directly with home if this is the case.

Trips may continue as planned and this will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please keep an eye out for communication direct from the teacher in charge of the trip.

Strike action – proposed for 11th May

The approach to this strike day is the same as previous instances last term. We recognise the impact that CHS closing can have on our community and we will provide a supervised study room for those students need to attend school for the day. Please contact the Student Office to confirm that your child will be at school on this day. These students will be supervised by our teaching staff who are not members of PPTA. If you need to make use of this your child must sign in at the Student Office at the start of the day and then head to the library. Buses will not be running, and the day will follow normal timings for breaks etc.

Ngaa mihi
Kind regards

Greg Thornton
Cambridge High School