Archery at Cambridge High School is a partnership between local clubs and the school.

The School Shoot Programme can be completed during a normal school sports training session, or if no archery facility is available at school, this may also be shot at your local club. The programme is part of the overall Youth Programme which provides the opportunity for all Youth throughout NZ to compete every month. The designated can be shot as often as desired before the cut off date, and each archer’s highest score is submitted to Archery NZ by the school archery coordinator or club.

Dates and results for 2021 can be found here.

As well as individual scores, archers are also placed into teams per school. For example, the top 4 scoring archers from each division for School A will be that school's "A" Team. Teams also compete against other schools and take part in the secondary schools league.

The usual fee for the School Programme is $10 per archer.  


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