Student Behaviour

Behaviour Policy

An enrolment is accepted on the understanding that the following guide to appropriate behaviour will be observed.

These expectations are based on our school values of Respect, Responsibility and Achievement.

We expect all members of CHS to contribute to a school culture where it is obvious that:

all members are treated with respect,

we take responsibility for our own actions and ongoing development,

we aim for personalised excellence and encourage others to continually achieve to their best.

Respect for our rules will ensure that all students will make the most of the outstanding learning opportunities we provide. In speech, language, uniform and behaviour, all members of Cambridge High School are expected to act, at all times, in a way that respects our values and enhances the reputation of CHS in the community.

It is to be expected that incidents that are of concern will emerge throughout the year. In general, we see these as opportunities for members of the CHS community to learn from the experience. When learning does not appear to be occurring or the incident is of significant concern, we will escalate our response accordingly and may need to involve the Board of Trustees in responding to the situation.

We are governed by the principles of natural justice and will assess each situation on a case by case basis. Ultimately, the judgment and discretion of the Principal will be final. If you have concerns over the handling of any case, you are invited to register your concern in accordance with our complaints policy.

Managing Behaviour

Cambridge High School demands a high standard of behaviour. We value the support of our parent community in maintaining this high standard and will involve parents as concerns arise. Internally, we maintain a Behaviour Action Plan which guides the staff intervention in correcting student behaviour.

In particular, we regard any behaviour which harms other members of our school community as most serious. Any form of bullying, violence, racism, sexual harassment, verbal abuse and any action which impinges on others' individual rights will not be tolerated.

To ensure a safe site, substances or items which have the potential to cause harm (including, but not limited to; fireworks, firearms, knives, cigarette lighters, matches, drugs, alcohol and age restricted items) must not be brought to school in any circumstances.

Particular concerns that will require direct intervention from staff and the support of our parents are:

Violent & Threatening Behaviour. Any forms of violent and threatening behaviour, or behaviour that incites or encourages violent behaviour, will not be tolerated.

Uniform. Students are expected to wear the school uniform as specified by the Board, in a clean, tidy condition and with pride in their appearance. The school reserves the right to judge whether standards of dress and presentation are acceptable and respectful of the reputation of Cambridge High School.

Smoking. All schools in NZ are smokefree. Intervention can range from supportive measures for students to quit through to a discipline response. 

Vaping. This is a harmful and dangerous alternative to smoking, but much harder for our staff to detect. It is considered as smoking and is therefore illegal on school site. We will take a strong discipline response and involve parents in all identified cases of vaping.

Vandalism. This is a disrespectful act that is not tolerated. Any repairs to equipment or buildings must be fully paid for by the student(s) responsible for the damage. 

Drugs and alcohol. Tobacco, drugs and alcohol and any associated paraphernalia are not to be brought to school, or to any activity organised by Cambridge High School. They are not to be used prior to, or while participating in, school activities.

Students' Property

Students must take appropriate care in safeguarding their own possessions. Valuables (including cash) should not be brought to school unless this is absolutely necessary. If valuables are brought onsite they remain the responsibility of the student.

Illness or Injury at School

There is a Registered Nurse at school until 3.15pm each day. If a student is unwell or injured during the school day they must go to the health clinic where they will be assessed and follow up action advised, if required.

If they need to go home the Nurse will contact caregivers to make arrangements.

Under NO circumstances should a student who is unwell or injured leave school without first reporting to the Health Clinic.


Motor Vehicles

The school educates students on safe and responsible vehicle use but will accept no responsibility for the actions of the driver, the safety of the car and behaviour of students when driving vehicles.

There is no carparking available on the school site during the school day for students.

The school will not accept responsibility for the security of the car during the school day or while on school site.

All care must be taken to respect the school’s neighbours and students may only park in areas where it is legal to do so.

While using motor vehicles for transport to and from school, students are expected to demonstrate responsible and courteous behaviour which will reflect positively on Cambridge High School. All students need to have a valid New Zealand drivers’ licence. 

Parents bringing or picking up students are asked to stay clear of the main entrance, due to the entrance and exit of school buses at this time and the congestion and concerns for health and safety this creates.


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