School Production 2024

“For Today” is a musical set in a contemporary New Zealand High School. DAVID Miller is an ex-rugby star who was involved in an accident that killed his friend Tom Burrows – an event that DAVID feels responsible for. After a year away DAVID returns to his old school and instead of playing rugby decides to join the choir so he can meet SOPHIE – a popular and talented student who came to the school while DAVID was away. SOPHIE used to go out with JORDAN Jones, a tough guy who blames DAVID for Tom’s death. The ensuing action includes romance, action, drama, singing and dancing all set to a collection of contemporary songs by some of New Zealand’s greatest singers and bands.

Congratulations to the following students who have auditioned and have a place in our 2024 School Production:-


DAVID MILLER – Liam Dobson
CALVIN PORTER – Caleb Morton-Jones
RONI MILLER – Anna Crouchman
JORDAN JONES – Vinnie Proebstel
ALEX EDWARDS – Erin Bouwer
PAUL FISHER – To be cast
CHARLOTTE BURROWS – Eleanor Whittaker
LIZ WILKINSON – Georgia Bertrand
ALISON MILLER – Sylvie Keightley
KEN MILLER – Wiremu Poka
MR BELL – Aspen Gooch
MISS WARD – Emma Adam
MR MATTHEWS – To be cast
MRS PETERSON - To be cast

Ensemble Singers
Isla Gerrand
Harriet Drake
Christabel Mateandrau
Zoe Clarke
Paola Velasco Bazaldua
Eli Pousson
Georgia McInally
Bianka Ross
Alexis Thornton
Ruby Sem
Maraea Tauroa
Julija Dekic
Riley Willmoth
Anna-Grace Stokes

Ensemble Dancers
Evie Axcell
Shantae Nortje
Grace Vivian
Natalie Thomas
Laqueisha Lim
Alyssa Eady

Band (Practice Friday Lunchtime)
Leon Davidson
Hunter Davis
Cameron Diprose
Grace Gillanders
Kingston Harrop
Stella Harrop
Leah Nixon
Isla Read
Reuben Stevens
Cameron Thornton

Tuesdays AND Thursdays: 4:00pm – 7:30pm
Saturday: 10.00am – 4:00pm (Every second Saturday)

You may not be required for every rehearsal, please check the schedule above:-