Kiwibots Robotics

Kiwibots Robotics group is a friendly group who gather weekly on Thursdays from 3:30pm - 4.30pm in S14.  You can expect to do plenty of hands-on building using our VEX EDR equipment which we use to construct a complex robot that suits the requirements of each year’s new competition.  This involves planning, experimenting with and testing component parts, then programming the robot to move, pick up, catapult or deposit objects in very specific ways.  Build days, scrimmages and competitions are held throughout the year and can involve day trips (usually on weekend days) to other schools who use VEX robotics gear.

If you are interested, feel free to attend a session and see if it is right for you!  Our team can help familiarise you with the equipment and show you how everything fits together.  Bring your construction/engineering or programming skills along and help us build an amazing robot worthy of competing with other schools in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty areas.

No group entry fee, apart from day trip costs if attended.

Contact: Mr Andrew York