School Motto and Crest

The Motto

Cambridge High School's motto - "fortiter et recte" - means "to be strong, or to have the courage to do the right thing."

This motto, combined with the shield, is a constant reminder to our school community that moral strength and learning provide the key to the journey of life.

Core Values

Our school motto “Fortiter et Recte” is based upon the two core values of respect and responsibility.

Respect includes qualities such as kindness, compassion and consideration, while responsibility is based upon honesty, excellence, obedience, duty and sustainability.

The Crest

Several symbols are enclosed within a traditional heraldic shield divided into four quadrants, each with a key symbol:

The feather quill: symbolises learning and knowledge

The castle: symbolises tradition and lasting strength

The key: symbolises respect and which relates to the ‘key to life'

The river: symbolises - through its journey to the sea - the journey of life, and life-long learning.

In total, our values, motto, mission statement, and cornerstones are cumulative and together give us our clear direction and pathway.

Cambridge High School

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  • Office Hrs:8.00am to 4.30pm

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