Senior Curriculum Guide

Students at Cambridge High School have the ability to choose from a broad range of subjects which are aimed at meeting the needs of all students.  It is important for parents/caregivers and students to give course selection the time and attention that is required.  It is also important especially at Year 11 to maintain a balance between keeping future pathways and career options open, selecting subjects where students have a particular strength or interest and choosing subjects they enjoy. The school can assist you in this process and we encourage you to contact Mrs Bayly, Careers Advisor, Mrs McKinnon, Assistant Principal or the Year Level Dean.

Students should challenge themselves in a manner appropriate to their ability.  Over half our students in all senior levels should aim for a Level 1, 2 or 3 NCEA Merit or Excellence Endorsement (accumulated across all subjects).  Specific Subject Merit or Excellence Endorsements are also encouraged.  These are attained if a student receives at least 14 Merit or Excellence credits in a specific subject.

Students should consider their combination of subjects. If a student is taking an academic course which includes Outdoor Education and Sports Science, he or she should reconsider. These two subjects both involve time outside the classroom which could impact on learning.

All students in Year 11-13 take five subjects.  Year 11 and Year 12 must also take Physical Education as their compulsory sixth subject.  In some cases, able students may be able to apply for a sixth additional subject instead of Physical Education.  Students can select a sixth option instead of PE, however they will need to have a proven work record in all their subjects as well as the academic ability to cope with an additional subject.  Staff will be consulted and a recommendation made.

A subject will only run provided there is sufficient demand to make class sizes practical.

Every effort is made to ensure that as many students as possible are able to study a programme of their choice.  It is a priority of the school to answer student need and accommodate as many students’ choices as possible.  For a small number of students there may be a timetable clash and an alternative subject may have to be chosen.  Parents/Students affected by a clash will be notified in December.

Subject Choices & Selection Forms

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Year 11 Subject Choices
Year 11 Choice Selection Form
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Year 12 Choice Selection Form
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Year 13 Choice Selection Form