School History

Cambridge High School began life on July 2, 1883 with a modest roll of 23 students. It was a difficult few years for the school in those early days. Indeed, the school was closed between 1887 and 1902.

The roll had stabilised to such a degree by 1923 that the Clare Street facility, which now houses the Middle School, was acquired. A period of steady growth in both numbers of students and facilities began and continued throughout the 1940s.

In 1953 the High School achieved its full post-primary status under a new Headmaster, Mr J.L. South, and embarked on a decade of expansion. In 1955 the school underwent another geographical shift to its present position along Swayne Road where eventually five classroom blocks were built. By the end of Mr South's time the school roll had grown to 570.

The school is proud of its past but is also very forward thinking and innovative in its approach to learning. The school has a current role of around 1530.