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In June this year, Xavier Jones embarked on an educational journey with Think Global School (TGS), where the “classroom has no boarders and learning knows no bounds”.  TGS is a global travelling High School where students live and learn in four countries a year, making unforgettable connections between their education and the world around us.  An academically challenging curriculum is focussed on project-based learning, with cutting edge technology and the opportunity to explore passions.

As of July 2018, the term began for Xavier in Gaborone, Botswana, with some foundational workshops and a bit of getting to know the 30 other students from 20 different countries. During this time students were prepped on an overview of the term, expectations, and tips for success in the Think TGS community.

Soon enough they were on the road and heading to Tuli Wilderness for the ‘Rites of Passage’. This 10-day event encompassed daily game drives with local guides where students were taught lessons in survival, animal tracking, and details about the many animals viewed along the way. Fortunately, they encountered lions, cheetah, leopards, elephants, impala, jackals, kudu, eland, and many others interesting and beautiful fauna.

During these 10 days, students were introduced to journaling, health and wellness, conflict resolution, and the core values of TGS. They worked daily on identifying healthy learning practices and made sure to work up a sweat with exercise as often as possible. The group was challenged to construct tents in the bush, start fires, learn first aid, and read the land like the local guides. In these trials the group learned about themselves and each other and some very strong bonds were created.

Finally, the time in Tuli was capped with the final Rites of Passage hike up Eagle Rock that overlooked the entire Tuli wilderness!

With their time in Tuli complete, it was on to Maun where they have been for about a week now. This portion of term has had the students focusing on their academics and learning how to complete project portfolios, dive deeper into the traditions of Botswana storytelling, and learn the techniques of an environmental scientist. The purpose of this learning week is to build the foundational knowledge that will be put to use in the first products of their TGS careers.

Students will be charged with the task of making a traditional Botswana story that anthropomorphised animals and teaches a moral lesson about the conservation of our environment. This story must be both written AND performed! Students will also have to practice and critique data collecting techniques used by environmental scientists and generate a field report for a section of the Okavango Delta. This practice of scientific techniques will be completed in the upcoming weeks at GO Camp, located on the fringe of the Okavango Delta.

As far as Xavier is concerned, we are told “he has conducted himself as a fine young gentleman along the way. He has never complained, been nothing but helpful, and has embodied all that we ask for in our learning modules. Most recently while at a showcase of Botswana traditional dancing, Xavier was pulled from the audience to join the dancers on stage. His enthusiasm and enjoyment were a sight to behold! It was truly a terrific moment and he was beaming when the night was over.”

We are thankful for the work CHS has done with Xavier, he is well prepared to take on the challenge and adventure that TGS offers over the next three years.

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