White Christmas Awaits Student

Not only is it her first trip overseas, but she’ll be experiencing a white Christmas as well.

Those are just two of the reasons Cambridge High School student Rochelle Treymane is delighted to have received a Year 12 German scholarship this year.

Rochelle found out recently that, in particular, she had been awarded a Society for New Zealand German Student Exchange (NZGSE) scholarship.

The scholarship will see her head to Germany for 10 weeks from November to February to stay with a host family and attend school there.

Overall, only a handful of the year 12 scholarships are given out each year and quite remarkably, aside from 2008, Cambridge High School students have picked up at least one of the scholarships which have been on offer every year since 2007.

This year too, as well as Rochelle, CHS student Andrew Schoultz also made the top 16 finalists in the running for the scholarship – a feat in itself – although unfortunately Andrew was not ultimately named as a recipient.

Rochelle said she has been learning German for three years and she loves it.

“I started learning when I was in year 9 because I thought learning a language would be beneficial.”

The scholarships have a stringent selection process attached to them – including being interviewed entirely in German – so Rochelle said she will be comfortable living and speaking fluent German for three months.

“I’m not exactly sure what it will be like or what I’ll do but I’m really looking forward to it.”

Article and Photo by Cambridge Edition


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