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After being awarded rare scholarships, two Cambridge High School students – Isabella Woodward and  Zoe Jones – are flying high, both to different countries.

Zoe has received a Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD) Scholarship and Isabella has been awarded a Language Immersion Award and one for the Internationale Deutsche Olympiade.

Zoe was one of just three students nationally nominated for PAD scholarships to be given out this year.

She underwent a rigorous early selection process made on the basis of her marks last year as well as her teacher’s comments. The final interview in the selection process took place in Wellington in the middle of last month. Costs of the PAD selection process is facilitated by International Languages Exchanges and Pathways and the Goethe-Institut, and Zoe will head off next July to spend four weeks in Germany. She will stay with a German host family.

‘‘I started learning German in year 9, and I love it.’’

Isabella’s immersion award will see her travel to Switzerland on a French exchange, and the Internationale Deutsche Olympiade, given by the Goethe Institute, will see her head to Germany. Isabella will spend six months in Switzerland living with a host family and going to school during her exchange.

Switzerland is French-speaking, but the tie-in with German for Isabella is that German is compulsory at Swiss schools. Isabella, who started studying German in year 9 and French in year 10, said she was very excited to have been awarded her scholarships.

‘‘I love languages because they open a lot of doors and opportunities, just like this one.’’

Isabella will head to Switzerland in February and to Germany in August. Isabella and Zoe’s teacher, Lisa Marshall, said she was proud of the ‘‘phenomenal’’ effort the girls had put in when completing the application processes for their respective scholarships.

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